Extrusion Blow Molding

Roll-On Ball

Roll-On Ball - CM-800WJL

Roll-On Ball

CM - 800WJL

Our hollow balls are produced by blow molding techniques which deliver the advantage of strength and a substantial reduction in material weight.
This process offers significant cost savings over solid balls with no functional differences, virtually every roll-on deodorant manufacturer in the world uses the hollow ball.

Feature :

The plastic ball easily rolls an even and effective layer of the product onto the skin.

Model CM-65DH
Model Material to be Used   PE/PP
Screw Diameter mm Ø65
L/D Ratio   24/1
Screw Speed Range (PE)/rpm rpm 15-65
Inverter Motor HP 20
Max. Extrusive Capacity/Hour kgs 60
Heating Zone (Barrel) zone 3
Heating Capacity (Barrel) kw 10.8
Die head Heating Zone (Diehead) zone 3
Heating Capacity (Diehead) kw 11.9
Double Mold Center Distance mm 140
Mold Plate Max. Opening Stroke mm 550
Min. Close Stroke mm 172
Mold Clamping Force ton 7.5
Hydraulic System Hydraulic Pump Motor HP 15
Hydraulic Oil Pressure kg/cm2 100
Oil Tank Capacity gallon 85
Product Product Weight (Max.) g 140
Product Dia. (Min./Max.) mm 50-110
Product Capacity (Min./Max.) ml 500-2000
Total Power Consumption kw 52.6
Weight of Machine ton 6
* All Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.
* All models can be upgraded to hybrid or fully electric type by servo motor control.