Extrusion Blow Molding

Accumulative Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

CM-I Series

CM-I Series - Accumulative Type Blow Molding Machine

CM - 75,90,100 I

This series is especially suited to mold medium and large volume capacity containers. (ex. jerry cans, water tanks, and tool boxes) ranging from 10 to 30 liters.

  • The accumulator head is screw type that have the lowest degradation of melt resin.
  • A specially-designed by pass circuit permits a very secure mold clamping effect.
  • The entire extruder can be adjusted automatically in an upward / downward direction through hydraulic power.
Model CM-45I CM-90I
Model Material to be Used   PE PE
Screw Diameter mm Ø75 Ø90
L/D Ratio   24/1 24/1
Screw Speed Range (PE)/rpm rpm 15-65 15-65
Inverter Motor HP - -
Max. Extrusive Capacity/Hour kgs 70 110
Heating Zone (Barrel) zone 3 3
Heating Capacity (Barrel) kw 12 15.3
Die head Heating Zone (Diehead) zone 3 4
Heating Capacity (Diehead) kw 12 28.9
Double Mold Center Distance mm - -
Mold Plate Max. Opening Stroke mm 800 1000
Min. Close Stroke mm 200 270
Mold Clamping Force ton 20 30
Hydraulic System Hydraulic Pump Motor HP 40 60
Hydraulic Oil Pressure kg/cm2 140 150
Oil Tank Capacity gallon 220 250
Product Product Weight (Max.) g    
Product Dia. (Min./Max.) mm 100-320 120-480
Product Capacity (Min./Max.) ml 10000-20000 15000-30000
Total Power Consumption kw 57.6 92.7
Weight of Machine ton 11 12
* All Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.
* All models can be upgraded to hybrid or fully electric type by servo motor control.