Stretch Blow Molding

PP Stretch Blow Molding Machine

PP Stretch Blow Molding Machine - CMP Series

CMP Series - for Bottle Volumes Less Than 2000ml


This PP bottle blow machine is dedicated to the production of pharmaceutical packaging and high temperature hot filling heat resistant bottles. Today the chemical resistance and suitability for steam sterilization of PP proves a winning combination. At CHIA MING Machinery, our second generation of PP stretch blow molding machine is available. The specialized design of these machines takes advantage of the characteristics of PP to ensure the highest quality.

  • Servo-motor technology (preform transfer system – preform stretching – press clamping).
Model CMP2 CMP4
Max. Capacity ml 1000 1000
Max. body diameter mm 90 90
Max. container height mm 300 300
Max. Neck Diameter mm. 38 38
Cavity no. 2 4
*All specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.