For nearly 30 years, you can find Chia Ming machine on five continents and in more than 70 countries. Many of our clients have grown from small factories into large corporations. Chia Ming has accompanied them from the first generation to the second generation. Listen to customer’s needs and provide the best solution is our basic service. In order to meet the market demand, Chia Ming has been a professional manufacturer of both extrusion blow molding machine and two stage PET stretch blow molding machine who is applicable to various types of plastic bottle production. Due to the ability of integration upstream and downstream, Chia Ming is also capable of offering a turnkey solution to customers.

The following case study is to show you how our machine is used to achieve the client’s production goals. Hopefully you will be joining us in the near future. 

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Venezuela: 1 liter Lubricant bottle Production
CM-65DH2D is the most popular and most standard model. It is capable of producing containers up to 1L. The machine in this project is featuring multiple devices to achieve fully automatic production.
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