• IndustryChemical Industry
  • ProductLubricant Oil
  • Volume1000ml
  • Weight60g
  • Production Capacity660~700 pcs/hour

CM-65DH2D is the most popular and most standard model. It is capable of producing containers up to 1L. The machine in this project is featuring multiple devices to achieve fully automatic production. To produce different bottle shape, only simple replacements and adjustments are required. Production line change can be completed within 30 minutes, which reduces downtime and increase production efficiency. This model can be widely used in household cleaning products, chemical/oil products, food packaging and medical and health products.

Optional Equipment

  • Parison Controller (Moog 100 points)
  • Visi Strip
  • Auto Deflashing Device
  • Product Aligning Device (Take-Out robot)
  • Conveyor
  • Leak Tester
  • Auto Loader
  • Crusher
  • Proportional Valve
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