PET Fully Electric Stretch Blow Molding Machine

CMS-Q1 - For 5 Gallon Water Bottle


It is a new development machine of 5 gallon PET water tank for medium scale factories. Ideally suitable for for applications where stringent quality requirements have to be met. Inaddition, weare pride to show our clients the technical know-how for processing PET preforms on our automatic machine to produce 5 gallon PET water tank which is cost effective alternative to the traditional 5 gallon PC water tank.

Preform In-feed and Unscrambler

Preform In-feed and Unscrambler

Orientation and delivery of preforms is in an orderly fashion to the machine. Accurate position control of preform is achieved by pneumatic system.

Preform In-feed and Unscrambler

Mould Open-Close System

Using servo motor control to optimize the movement such as more accurate positioning, better stabilization, low noise and more efficiency.

Preform In-feed and Unscrambler

Mandrel Claw

Use pneumatic system transform and servo motor movement to control position of preform before blowing.

Preform In-feed and Unscrambler

Stretch Blow System

Servo motor drive enables accurate position. Blowing cinditions is more stable and high efticiency.

ContainerMax. neck diametermm Ø55
Max. production capacitypcs/hr 300~400
Max. body diametermm 300
Max. container heightmm 500
Max. bottle capacityml 20000
No. of cavityno. 1
Heating ovenNo. of ovenno. 3
NO. of infrared heaters ineachno. 16
Heating load (max.)kw 96
Air pressureLow pressurekg/cm2 7
High pressurekg/cm2 35
Cooling waterCooling capacitykcal/h 18000
Water consumptionl/min 80
Water temperature°C 10~12
Pressurebar 5
Total consumption powerkw 87.8
Machine dimensionm 4.0x2.2x3.5
* All Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.
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