Fully Electric Blow Molding Machine

CM-FE Series - Fully Electric Blow Molding Machine


Chia Ming has developed Fully Electric Blow Molding Machine for the packaging industry producing pharmaceutical, cosmetic and beverage bottles in clean-room. Fully Electric Blow Molding Machine is a total new innovative design with servo motors controls which significantly reduce energy consumption, give higher production rate, noise level much reduced, in long term total production cost being dramatically reduced.

CM-FE Series
bottle capacityOutput BPH(pcs/hr)
<300ml <3000
300ml~500ml <3000
500ml~1L <3000
1L~2.5L <3000
2.5L~5L <800
5L~10L <800
10L~25L <400
  • Energy Saving. The machine is controlled by servo motors without hydraulic system.60 % less energy consumption compared to hydraulic power models.
  • Quietness and low noise level. The noise of servo motor is much less than inductive motor for hydraulic pump.
  • Clean and no oil pollution. No oil leaking problem and annoying piping work. It is the best choice for production in clean-room.
  • More precise and faster cycle time: Servo motor could make excellent precision in high-speed running to improve production efficiency.
  • More Environmentally-friendly and user friendly.
  • It also has a much lower risk of failure and generally easier and cheaper to maintain and repair than hydraulic blow molding machine.
  • Food Packaging

  • Petrochemicals & Chemical

  • Cleaning Supplies

  • Cosmetic

  • Medical Supplies

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