Personal care products using PET, PP, PE as packaging widely. The examples are shampoo, hair conditioner, hair colourant, body lotion, face cream, face lotion, skin moisturiser, skin toner, skin cream, perfume, sun cream, sun lotion, sun oil, sun screen, mascara, essential oil, makeup remover, face cleaner, hair styling gel, hand cream, massage oil, facial mask, mud mask, liquid bubble bath, intimate oil, nail polish remover, shower gel etc.

PET bottle packaging used for cosmetic requires clear and translucent quality, and CMS-C series are design for those application. Instead of loading by unscrabler, auto feeding robot makes sure each preform is loaded individually.  For PP or PE bottle packaging such as shampoo, a pearlescent masterbatch for improved appearance, double-layered structures (multi layers) are adapted as they decrease the required amount of this additive.

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